A New Additional Option For This Personalized Witnessing System That Will Make It Easy For Any Christian To Share Their Faith

As I was expending so much time creating the pages and personalized videos for those 130+ names, I soon realized that it would be impossible to make videos

for even a fraction of people worldwide with millions of different names. I still wanted to provide a way to get a personalized message to people from the heart

of God, regardless of what their name was. As I was in prayer, the Lord gave me the idea of creating a rebrandable ebook using the exact same message conveyed by all of the colorful graphics that appears in the video.

Introducing The "God Is Calling You" Personalized Ebook

You can use the rebranding page two different ways. If you know someone with an unusual name (or any name that I have not made a video for) like

Demetrius, for example . . . you can go to the rebrand page yourself . . . enter their name . . . rebrand the ebook personalized just for them . . . and email the url of the ebook to that person.

Or if you meet someone spontaneously in your day to day living, you can give them the easy to remember url,GodIsCallingYou.todayso that they can go to the

rebrand page themselves, input their first name and download their own personalized message from God. Personalize a copy for yourself by clicking on the above url and entering your first name so you can see how it works.

To help you give away the ebook, I have provided a card that you can hand out with the url to the

rebranding page printed on it. (Note that this card differs from the one that I provide to share the

personalized video that I talk about further down this page.) Click HERE to access a page of the cards that you can print and cut out.

When you give them out, get the name of the person you want to share the personalized God Is Calling you ebook with. You can ask them what their name is, or if it is a waitress or store clerk, you

can look at their name tag. Write their name in the space on the card above the words "God Is Calling You." Then tell them that you would like to share a word of encouragement with them. Hand them the card and tell them to go to the url at the bottom of the card to receive an important message straight

from the heart of God.If you want to, you could put your name and phone number or email on the back of the card and let them know if they have questions or need prayer about anything, to contact you.

It is so important to get this ebook to as many people that don't know Jesus as possible and to inform as many of your Christian friends about this easy way to

share a unique presentation of the gospel that will get people's attention. Because this ebook is so important, I have a backup url that can be used to create

personalized ebooks should the http://GodIsCallingYou.today url not work. Here is the alternate url . . . http://vitalinfo.us/personalizedmessagefromGod

If you had a cure to cancer and you saw people all around you dying . . . would you keep that cure to yourself? Well, there is a cancer called sin that multiplied billions of people are infected with that ends, not just with physical

death, but a fate far worse . . . eternity separated in the lake of fire.

And as Christianswe have the cure . . .the gospel of Jesus Christ. But how can we share that gospel with a cynical world in a way that will get the message to them?

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Dale Carnegie once said, "Remember thata person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language." I found that to be absolutely true. When I am in a store and I hear anyone address someone else with my name . . . my

ears perk up. The Lord gave me an idea to create a personalized video, addressing a person by their first name as if God was speaking directly to them.

What if God had a single phone conversation with an individual . . . what do you think He would say? Based upon what God has already said in His Word, the Bible, I created a video where God is speaking directly to that individual addressing them by their name.

Thisunique presentation of the gospel is something thatwill impact everyone that views it. If they respond to the offer God presents in the video . . . they will enter into God's Kingdom and their life will be transformed forever. If they reject the offer . . . they will not be able to say, on Judgment Day, that they didn't know the consequences of their rejection of Jesus.

Click on the video to see a preview of what the message is in this "phone

call from God." This particular video is addressed to someone named "John." Other videos will be directed to a person with a different name . . . the first name of the person you are witnessing to.

Jesus is coming very soon! One of the most important things we as Christians have to do in these last days is to share the gospel with a lost and dying world.I created this site as an aid to you being able to reach your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers and people you come across in your everyday life.

The url to any video you share that is personalized with their first name is very easy to remember. It is GodIsCallingYou.faith/Firstname (note it is .faith NOT

.com). In other words, you put the person's first name after the backslash for them to see a page with a video personalized for them. I intend to eventually

have videos with over a thousand different names, but that will be an ongoing project. In the meantime, you might check this page,GodIsCallingYou.faith,for an up

to date list of names that we have videos for. If there is a person you are trying to witness to that has a name not on the list yet, email me the name, and I will put a priority on getting that video made.

Share the link to the personalized page containing the video with the persons name, (GodIsCallingYou.faith/Firstname), in an email. If you send the link to the

video with someone you don't know well, simply have a headline that says "God Is Calling You John" (or whatever the name is). Then in the email simply say, . . .

"The Lord led me to send this video to you to let you know how much He loves you."

If you send it to afriend or loved one, just share your heart letting them know that you care about them and that because you love them, you wanted to share a video that shares an urgent message direct from the heart of God.

Note that you can alsosend the link through a pm (personal message) on Facebook.

Pick a named video and prayerfully share it onFacebookorTwitter. In the headline of your post put, "If your name

is (whatever first name you choose) maybe God is trying to speak to you. Please watch this urgent message direct from the heart of God." Then include the url to the named video you chose. Before you post, pray that the Lord would draw people to your post and give them a desire to watch the video once they see it on your feed. Post a video to a different name every couple of days.

Use the card I designed to give out to people wherever you go. For example when checking out at the store notice the name tag of the clerk and use a sharpie pen that you carry with you to write their first name at the top of the card and then again after the / sign in the url. Just say to them, "I would like to give you a card that has the url to a life changing video. I hope you can take the time to watch it when you get home." Another idea is to get the first name of your waitress from her name tag and then write it in the two places on the card . . . and then leave it on the table with her tip. You might want to write the second part of the above quote along with your name and number on the back of the card as well in case they want to call you with questions.

Whenever you get into a conversation with anyone, get their name, pull out a card . . . write their name at the top of the card and in the url . . . and simply hand it to

them. And then pray for the Lord to give them an open heart and "eyes to see and ears to hear" as you leave their presence. It is our job to love people and

share the gospel with them. It is the Holy Spirit's job to work in their hearts as they view the video.

ClickHEREto download a pdf of a page that you can print on your ink jet printer. Each page you print will provide 10 cards for you to cut out and keep in your

wallet or purse for distribution.I recommend using heavy weighted paper or card stock when you print it on your ink jet printer. If you don't have an ink jet

printer take the pdf on a flash drive to Staples or Office Depot to get some pages printed for you.[Once again it would be wise to check this site on your phone to make sure

that the name you put on the card has a personalized video that has been created.]

Does your heart break when you hear of the death of somebody that you know did not know Jesus? I know I want to weep when I hear of the death of an ungodly rich or famous person who I know will be in hell and later the lake of fire for eternity. The Bible says, "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul." Imagine how much more Jesus weeps when someone enters into eternity having rejected His free gift of salvation.

That is why the Lord gave us the great commission to share the gospel throughout our world. Jesus loves people and

"doesn't desire that any perish, but that all come to a knowledge of the truth." You have the truth that will prevent

this tragedy in the lives of people all around you. And now you have a unique way to share that truth through these videos.

Please help share this site with other Christians. Share this url,GodIsCallingYou.faith, with people at your church. Contact your pastor, share this page with him and ask him if he would put it in the church bulletin every week so the congregation will continually be reminded to share the gospel . . . and have a tool to easily do that with people they encounter everyday.

Another way to help get this witnessing tool to more Christians is toshare the url in ChristianFacebookgroups. Join some of the Facebook prayer groups and regularly post the url to pages for specific names asking the group to pray for anyone viewing that video with that particular name that will see it see it anywhere on

the internet that day. You too, Post videos for different names regularly on you timeline and when you see others that have shared one of these videos be

sure to like it and pass it along bysharing it. And most importantly pray that the Lord will open the hearts of all that see these videos.

And while I am talking about Facebook groups, I encourage you to join my group named, "God Is Calling You Personalized Evangelism Videos." I created it to support those that are using this system to sow the gospel in the lives of unbelievers wherever they go. You will learn about new ways other Christians are using the personalized videos, as well as have a forum for you to give the names of people you have given a card to so that everyone in the group can pray for the

Lord to open their spiritual eyes as they watch their video. If you have come to know the Lord through watching a video or you still have questions I invite you

share your input as well. The direct link for you to check the group out (and join) is https://www.facebook.com/groups/GodIsCallingYou/?ref=group_cover Once you are on the FB group page, you can add your Christian friends to the group as well (once you get their permission.)

I am convinced that when we are in heaven, we likely will have people come up to us and tell us that they came to Jesus through a video that we posted, or

emailed or shared on social media. Time is short. Do all you can to reach out to people all around you. Sow the Word of God that is in these personalized videos and trust God to watch over His Word to perform it in the lives of all those you share it with.

Before I give you the list of names I presently have personalized videos for . . . let me share a message from the heart of God . . . to all born again Christians. I wrote a book called, "Be The Bride-The Message Of The Hour,"

thatI want to give you absolutely free. Just go to RaptureBrideProphecy.com to get your copy. In these last days,

Jesus is looking for a Bride that is passionate about Him. This book will encourage you to be that Bride that He is coming to catch away. It is must reading for every believer.

Below is a list of the Male and Female names that I have completed videos for. The names are alphabetized to make it easier for you to find the video for the name you are trying to locate. Although to create pages and videos for each name separately, takes

a massive amount of time I must help Christians bring more people into the Kingdom. There is so much at stake . . . the eternal

destinies of billions of people . . . and so little time left before Jesus returns. I will work to regularly add new names with their own pages and videos on a regular basis, so check back regularly.

I started creating videos for the names that statistically are most used. Note that I have started with videos using formal names. For example, for a video directed to someone born with the formal name Robert, they might now be called a derivative name like Bob, Bobby, Rob and Robby. Eventually, I will get around to making videos for some of the derivative names as well as the formal names.

If you click on a name below you will be taken to the page for that name. Once again, the url that you will give out that will

go to the page containing the named video is. . . https://GodIsCallingYou.faith/Firstname (where "Firstname" is the first name of the person you want to share the video with.)

If there is a particular name that is not yet listed below that you desire to reach with the gospel, email me at

GodIsCallingYou.faith@gmail.com and give me their first name and I will try to put them in the list of the next group of videos I work on creating. (Also, if you click on a name below and it does not take you to it's corresponding page, please let me know by emailing me so I can fix the link.)

Male Names

Female Names


If you would like to join the God Is Calling You facebook group, you can get new ideas how to use this witnessing system and be notified when any new personalized pages/videos are created.

I created an archive page of broadcasts of a radio show I had in the Washington DC-Baltimore area in 1986. It was called the Musinar radio show because it consisted of teaching interspersed with clips of songs from numerous contemporary Christian artists. In this musical seminar, or Musinar, I did a series of programs on sharing your faith and defending the faith when you encounter atheists, agnostics and members of cults. If you would like to listen to any of these radio shows click on the link below.

If you would like to visit my ministry site to find out about my music and the ebooks that I have written, click on the link below. Among the ebooks I have written is "Be The Bride-The Message Of the Hour." The message of this ebook is very important for all Christians to hear. So I am offering a free copy of this ebook on my site.

You can contact me with any comments or questions using any of the info below . . .

Daniel Rydstedt

417 929-1895


I believe that Jesus is coming back very soon and it is so important to share the good news, the gospel, with people all around us in the time we have left. The video/card based witnessing system that you will read about below is awesome, and it is still available for your use, but I quickly realized that it was limited. I have made over 130 different videos and pages personalized with some of the more common names that you can share with people that have those names. There are business sized cards that you can print out to share the url to any of the personalized videos that are listed in the alphabetic list of male and female names listed towards the end of this page. If you know someone with any of these names I encourage you to use this video/card system. If the name of the person you want to receive this unique presentation is not on the list you can use this new second option to reach them.